AYARC offers a quick boarding process that is assisted by our knowledgeable and dedicated Support team every step of the way. Additionally, our high approval rate on deals and lucrative partner programs make us the most agent-friendly processor in the business. Real-time portal access, best practices & standards, and ongoing industry education provide both merchants and agents with the care they need to succeed. With an emphasis on security and powered by constant investment in research, product development and innovation, we are shaping the future of payments. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ revenues and performance by empowering them with safer and smarter transactions.

PAYARC offers some of the most competitive agent rates in the payments industry. We offer the best agent splits in the business, effectively giving you 95% of the residual commission for retail accounts.

What you can expect

Easy transitions make PAYARC the ideal solution

If you’re a sales agent who is concerned about your clients’ security in an ever-changing industry, who would like to keep more of what you earn, and who is looking for the best payment processor for your clients, look no further than PAYARC.

Quick turnaround

Once an application is submitted, the merchant can be live in 3 days or less

100% residuals

Keep more of your retail accounts’ commission with our unrivaled agent program

Free terminals

The modern, easy-to-use Dejavoo terminals allow your merchants to get up and running quickly

Continuous training

Stay ahead of the game with PAYARC’s education program

Unparalleled support

A team committed to the success of you and your clients assists and encourages you at all levels of the process

We're here for you

Set your clients up for prosperity

Comprehensive Solutions

PAYARC works with online, mobile, and brick-and-mortar merchants, we understand the diverse needs of your clients and can work with them to find the right solutions they’re looking for.

Risk Management

The team at PAYARC is dedicated to your success and is constantly keeping up with new technology and security features so that your merchants can be ahead of the game and keep their customers (and themselves) safe from fraud. With options like tokenization and encryption, along with strict PCI compliance, PAYARC is a leader in security for payment processors.

Full Support

At PAYARC, you as an agent can expect a high approval rate on deals with a fast turnaround, lucrative and flexible programs, and ongoing industry education to benefit you and your business. Furthermore, you get real-time portal access through our CRM to help keep track of all your pending applications and live merchants, all along with our commitment to best practices.

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Set your clients up for prosperity by partnering with PayArc

Contact us today at 877-203-6624 or email us at support@payarc.com to find out more about how we can help!

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